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Instagram facts

10 Interesting Facts About Instagram

Instagram (IG), a Facebook affiliate, is the world’s most popular photo and video-sharing app. According to Instagram analytics, it is the most popular social media network for brands and business owners to market their services and products. Every year, Instagram goes to great lengths to satisfy small businesses by offering a diverse range of unique features.

According to the latest Instagram metrics, 500 million people visited the Stories feature on a daily basis by January 2019. The analysis strongly reveals that a large portion of the world’s population uses the site on a daily basis. Marketers and businesses should, of course, learn everything they can about how the network works.


For the most part, social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. So have a look at the list of Instagram numbers below. We’ve assembled these to help you perceive what the platform’s goals are, how it operates, and how it has evolved in just a few years. People that love surfing the internet would undoubtedly be interested in learning more about it. Additionally, marketers interested in maximising Instagram’s potential will find the following figures and information quite useful. 

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Our go-to app for fun and socializing with new friends and family who lived in faraway states or countries was Facebook. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Since then, Instagram’s popularity has surged to unprecedented heights.



The continued popularity of Augmented Reality or AR effects for Stories is one of the major Instagram trends for 2021.  In 2019, Facebook allowed Spark AR Studio, the software used to create unique AR effects, available to Instagram users. The number of users has now surpassed one billion. To begin, this AR platform for Mac and Windows allows you to create AR effects for mobile cameras in the same way that Photoshop and Sketch do. In other words, anyone on Instagram can now use Spark AR Studio to create and share Stories filters.

Similar to Snapchat’s Lenses, the app now prominently features user-generated selfie filters. This allows you to be quite innovative. Other fashion and accessory companies can now use augmented reality to allow customers to “try on” new styles before purchasing them. It’s also a fantastic method to raise awareness for the causes you care about.


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  • 4 million-plus videos are uploaded every day after Instagram launched its video feature in 2013. 


Most IG users’ walls will feature videos as one of the most popular types of content. The number of uploaded videos reached 5 million on the first day of the Video feature’s debut. These Instagram video figures prove that its users did not waste any time.


  • The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34.


The fact that the majority of Instagram users are 34 years old or younger is not surprising, given that this is the average age of most entrepreneurs around the world. Who uses Instagram to advertise their business since it is the most effective branding strategy available today.


  • Approximately 80% of Instagram accounts are used for personal purposes.


The platform is well-known for being used by business owners and companies to promote their sales and services. If the company opens a business account, it will be able to accomplish so much more quickly. Personal accounts, on the other hand, account for the majority of users, which might be beneficial to businesses. 


  • In 2021, 61 per cent of firms intend to boost their Instagram advertising budgets.


Instagram growth data indicate that 61 per cent of firms aim to increase their advertisement expenditure finances for Insta in 2021. Surprisingly, Facebook is ranked second with 46% while YouTube is ranked third with 45%. 


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Influencer marketing has been growing in popularity for a few years, but it truly took off in 2019. That year, the number of marketers working with Instagram influencers increased by over 50%. Instagram is a popular influencer marketing tool because of its visual nature, which allows producers to exhibit products through photographs and videos in their feeds and Stories.


  • Longer captions generate better engagement rates

Don’t be scared to include some detail in your captions if you want to increase engagement. Hubspot discovered that posts with 1001–2000 characters produced more than twice as many engagements as those with less than 100 characters. Overall, the number of characters in captions appears to have a substantial correlation with involvement. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of characters you can use is 2,200.



Businesses are now expected to generate and implement online content using a variety of content marketing technologies available on the market. These tools make it simple to work with many forms of content. The year 2022, on the other hand, is all about getting real. More “genuine” and “unfiltered” content is being produced by creators. Influencers and companies have earned more followers with raw and honest postings and less “curated” feeds, according to top Instagram story trends. This does not, however, imply that high-quality photography should be abandoned. After all, one of the most effective strategies to increase your brand’s Instagram followers is to have a consistent style.


  •  Every second, 900+ posts are uploaded on Instagram. 


Instagram is all about showing your lifestyle through pictures. It’s not surprising that nearly a thousand photographs are shared on Instagram every second. After all, Instagram was developed with the express purpose of sharing your greatest images with the world. 

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Isn’t it quite interesting? Comment on how many facts you already knew, as well as which facts surprised you the most and least. Instagram is becoming more popular every day, and it is now a part of our daily lives. We set aside time to simply look through Instagram. Marketing is evolving, and everything is turning digital. 

We’ll keep you up to date on all the newest social media news, as well as tips & tricks! So stay tuned and continue reading.

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