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How to manage Socials when your time is limited.

Managing your socials can be very challenging when there is a lot already going on in your plate. Especially for business individuals who constantly thinking about making more and more and adding value to their business every day. However, missing on your socials cant be an option especially when you want to brand it and attract more customers.

When asked for most small business owners that why are they missing on their social and business branding in spite of spending a considerable amount of time on Facebook, and Other Social Media platforms. The answer is either they don’t have enough time to work on branding their business or lack the proper knowledge to do it. Considering time as a criterion and knowledge as an insight. its time to shed some light on how to effectively manage your social branding when your time is limited.

1. Posts Scheduling:- Scheduling your post before time is the best way to make sure your social media pages are active, alive, and kicking. There are many posts scheduler out there like HootSuite, Buffer, Zoho Social, etc and you can try their free and paid plan as per your usage. An organization with the proper targeted and segmented audience can perform effectively with just for free. However, in order to schedule your posts, you require a lot of content and pre-planning to what goes into the account at what time according to advanced analytics and decoding that is the key to effective posts scheduling. Considering what needs to be sent and when requires a plan. which brings us to the next topic of Pre-planning.

2. Pre Planning: – Pre-planning is considered as of the best and effective strategies to manage and properly maximize your posts scheduling outcomes. All you need is a laptop or a phone, some amazing designs, a few stories, and a lot of creative content planned before scheduling your posts. Few points to consider while preplanning can be understanding your target audience, Age group, Response parameters, time metrics, etc. While these things can be a little tricky to understand in the initial days, However making sure you get something out there to your audience is the key.

3. Intermediate Quick Posts: Along with Scheduling and Pre Planning, one thing that adds a kick to the account is Quick intermediate posts. This works a surprise element for you as it is quick, raw, and real. A meeting someone interesting, A visual strategy that you came across. A thought or just random posts. All that matters. In the end, it all boils down to create your own audience and evolve your brand.

4. Hire a full-time Social Media Manager: – Well if all these above tasks seem a lot more work for you to do then best is to go for a full-time social media manager. I would always recommend an in house one despite me managing a digital marketing firm myself and the only reason being is that personal connection. If you already have staff that works for you on different roles. Ask them to open on Social media and spent some time in branding the company. Well this has its own set of problems as the results may seem erratic haywire as there is no pre-planning or result evaluation mechanics are involved, However, it still seems pretty handy when you have a confined set of audience to cater.

While effective use of Social media can get you free organic traffic and boost your overall SEO. It is very important that you plan on things beforehand and then automate the process. Get in touch with some social media experts or get a dip check done. Your business requirements may be different from what someone else wants out of his. Feel free to get in touch with Software Mechanics Team for a detailed discussion to formulate the possibilities. Email at [email protected] for more details.

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