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12 Easy-Peasy Ways To Quickly Increase Engagement On Your Instagram Page

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12 Easy-Peasy Ways To Quickly Increase Engagement On Your Instagram Page

Until and unless you are Patrick and have a square sponge with a suit as your best friend, I assume that you do have an Instagram presence. Okay, I agree that you could not live under a rock and still not have an Instagram presence. Anyways, if increasing engagement on your Instagram page is a goal of yours, you have 100% landed on the right site. We have for you here 12 easy ways to quickly increase your engagement on Instagram. 

Here are some tips to quickly increase your engagement on Instagram-

increase your engagement on Instagram. 

  • What Do You Want? 

“Increase engagement on Instagram, duh?!” 

Well, you need to be more specific right here. Ask yourself or your board, are more views what we are looking out for? Is it more comments? Or more replies? And where? On feed posts? On reels? On stories? 

It May sound overwhelming at the moment, but trust me, it’s worth wondering about and figuring out. Know for sure what would be more beneficial for your business and help you reach your goals. 

  • Use Insights As a Guide 

I’m telling you this and you’d discover on your own too that there is no other feature on Instagram which is more useful than Insights. Insights are going to be your personalized guiding tool that’d indicate what works for your account and your audience and what doesn’t. 

  • Sort your insights according to your needs

This is a combination of tip#1 and tip#2. Once you know what kind of engagement you want to target, you will have to sort your insights accordingly. 

For example, you want to focus on the number of likes on your posts. So, you will go and check which feed posts have had the most amount of likes and look for any common denominator there. Also, check the posts with the least amount of likes and look for common denominators there too. Once you recognize the pattern you can either focus or elevate the kind of content that fetches you the most likes. 

The insight feature is useless, it is complete trash, not at all usable IF you have never posted before! To utilize a free, personalized, in-built analysis tool for your content performance you have to post content and create a history of your work first. Then only you will have access to this analysis. So, post!

Don’t be shy, keep posting to explore and understand. Later on, you can hide the posts once you get the required data and understanding.  

  • Use the Stickers 

Well, Instagram has those sticker features for a reason. That reason is that they want you to use them, use them for engagement and entertainment. So, use them! 

The newest, Add your sticker is a remarkable example of how Instagram features are meant to boost engagement and add more activity on accounts and ultimately on the application. 

  • Slide Into DMs

Have you noticed that the stories of the friends you usually talk to pop up within 2 seconds of posting a story but that doesn’t happen with that one influencer who is active once a week or so? That happens because Instagram promotes the stories and posts of the people you interact with first on your feed. 

It means that if you DM your followers before posting a story or feed, they are likely to get updated soon by Instagram. 

So slide into DMs before posting. 

  • Like Comments Before Posting 

I’m pretty sure that you have read this tip everywhere already but I couldn’t help adding it, because it really is such an easy and efficient way to garner attention and engagement. When you like their comments from your previous post, you show up on their notification bar, and the chance of them visiting your account and liking the newest post increases. 

It is always lovely to get a reply from the creator (I feel validated and smart when I get one). Therefore, you should do it as a creator and spread love. If you have the means then only like and pin the comments which would make people laugh or understand the content better. You can literally ask your colleague to do it for you, it doesn’t have to be always organic 

  • Comment Where You Are Seen 

‘Where am I seen?’, you may ask.

 The answer is that you are seen only in your Industry and among your Industry friends. Comment under their posts as soon as you get notified to draw the attention of their audience towards you too to some extent. In order to achieve this, you have to make friends with people or accounts from your industry, add them to your favourites, comment on all of their posts and also post them on your stories and tag them, in the hope to get that story reposted. 

  • CTA, CTA, CTA! Everywhere CTA! 

A call To Action is a MUST. Do not ever miss this step, the sky might collapse if you do. 

See, it’s not only your followers who’d see your post. A big chunk of your viewers are people who have only seen one or two posts of yours, that’s why add CTA everywhere. Even if they view only one post of yours, there still be a chance of them clicking on some link or interacting with your content if you have added CTA everywhere without fail. It may not sound like that a lot will be coming out of this, so remember, every drop counts. 

  • Let Your Followers Share Their Opinions 

It’s good to ask your followers questions. They usually respond to it and that increases engagement, which is excellent in itself. But here’s a difference between asking for an answer to a question and asking for someone’s personal opinion on something with the assurance of no judgment. People may not know how to answer the question, but people almost always have opinions and unsolicited advice that they feel like spilling on every occasion they get. So, give them an occasion. Ask for their opinions and advice. Don’t take most of them seriously, but do respond to them. This fulfils the slide into their DM aspect too. 

  • Show Your Personality

Let your audience find a character in your account. Don’t you feel more connected to the accounts whose admins randomly share about their day, rant about something very relatable, and show brief content which humanizes them? 

On the other hand, if some interactive content just pops up while you are watching stories every day, it might be entertaining but you won’t feel connected to it. 

People love stories! People love following a storyline! So give it to them. Show who you are a little here and there. Tell them your stories in bite-size, and that’d be it.

engagement in Instagram

When I say trends I mean it in all ways in this realm- trending sounds, trending filters, trending hashtags, trending challenges, trending dances, trending everything. 

You might think that you have a brand voice, you wouldn’t want to ruin that by following all possible trends. You are right, you should not do that. Pick and choose only the trends that go well with your brand voice and will help you get views or expand your audience. 

Maintaining engagement on any social media platform is a hell of a task and Instagram is no less. It’s quite challenging, but if done right, I know, you know how well it pays off. Just remember that engagement takes a lot of effort because it is your goal to have engagement, not your audience’s. Therefore, it has to be you who would be putting in the most effort.

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