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Instagram is currently attracting more users’ attention than other social media networks. Instagram is extremely user-friendly and people prefer using it over any other application. In addition to being a tool for entertainment, it encouraged users to tap into their inventiveness and creativity in order to earn something out of it. 

Instagram, which has a larger audience and a fantastic technique to help you promote your brand, is the hottest platform available right now.

Instagram engagement gauges how your audience engages with your content rather than just tracking your followers. Engagement is essentially any action one of your followers performs on your profile or in reaction to any of your posts.


What is the Instagram engagement rate? Instagram engagement rate is a metric that expresses how much users engage with the content on your profile. Your amount of followers, likes, comments, and shares are considered. An account’s likes and comments divided by the number of followers yields the engagement rate.

Instagram engagement rates are important since they gauge a customer’s interest in a brand and its social standing. Instagram engagement rates are important since they measure a user’s interest, brand relevance, and social authority.

Now let’s get to know some super interesting and advantageous methods which can increase your Instagram engagement. 

Keep track of your Instagram engagement.

How well your audience is engaging with your content is mostly determined by your Instagram engagement rate. The engagement rate of your audience will show whether they are leaving comments, liking, saving, and sharing your content.

Have you ever tried to find out your current level of Instagram engagement? To access this information, go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Insights action button. The metrics you’re looking for will be in the “Overview” section, including more detailed breakdowns based on what you’re trying to find out. Granted, this information will only be available once you’ve switched over to a Business or Creator account. These metrics on your Instagram post, Story, Reel, Live, and feed engagement are essential for understanding where you’re at before you put more effort into your account.

Integrate video content – The Famous REELS in Instagram!!

Instagram identified an opportunity in the market for video content after TikTok was banned and introduced Reels, its own short-form video tool. That’s how ‘reels on Instagram came into prominence. 

Video is the most persuasive content form, particularly on Instagram, as we have been preaching for quite some time. Again, our study validates this. We can’t guarantee that every video you submit to Instagram will result in millions of engagements. However, we can say that they play a significant role in increasing platform engagement, twice as much compared to image and carousel posts.

You may leverage your Instagram business account to go live, post to IGTV, and upload short animations to your feed and Stories alongside creating Reels. You may avoid the fact that the majority of Instagram scrollers are watching videos without sound while also grabbing attention and communicating with emotion by using animated visuals.

Statistics reveal that 91% of active users watch Instagram video content on a weekly basis. Video has a stable position in our Instagram feeds and on the web. By including video in your Instagram strategy, you may gain the attention of all the individuals who are already engaged in that kind of content.

Get to understand your target audience

You ought to respond graciously and should be attentive whenever one of your Instagram followers interacts with your brand. Responding attentively to comments, direct messages, and the content that your followers tag you in will show your followers that you are paying attention. A favourable brand response can urge your followers to participate once more later on and lay the groundwork for long-lasting mutually beneficial connections.

Do you wish to intensify your engagement? By connecting with like-minded users, you may increase the size of your engaged community. Decide to take the initiative and move first. To acquire exposure among their followers, comment on posts from accounts with a similar target audience. Using the appropriate hashtags will also make it simple for you to identify and leave comments on posts from possible clients that appear in your feed.

Authentic content and context

Being authentic and relevant on social media is preferable to being flawlessly polished. Share content that exposes the everyday people and experiences behind your brand in addition to your sleek marketing effort. That can entail posting behind-the-scenes photos or videos to Instagram Stories, coming up with a funny caption, or admitting to any blunders.

Post at the engaging time of day.

Post to Instagram at the optimum periods, even though it should go without saying. Consequently, you should release your content when the majority of your audience is online and prepared to interact with it. A common rule of thumb is that the ideal times to post on Instagram are between 2 to 3 p.m. on Thursdays, 11 a.m. on Wednesdays, and 10 a.m. on Fridays. In general, Tuesday is the greatest day to post on Instagram. While we advise you to use these posting hours as a general reference, it’s also vital to think about your specific social media audience and experiment with different posting times to find what works for you.

Live interaction

‘Instagram live video’ save this word! It’s a game changer. 

Over one billion people use Instagram each month, and they are all looking for quickly consumable content. According to a 2021 survey, 92% of all internet users watch videos, with live streams ranking fourth in terms of popularity. We now understand that video content rules the internet.

Streaming live videos on Instagram is a great approach to interact with viewers, spread information, and increase engagement. Apparently, 80% of viewers would choose to watch a Livestream over reading a blog post. With Live video on Instagram, you can interact with your audience in a personal, engaging way by answering questions live, addressing viewers by name, and more. Because your live feed appears before every Story when you go live on Instagram, you can attract your followers’ attention without being concerned that the algorithm may bump you down.

Use hashtags and location tags

Your Instagram posts may be easily made extremely searchable by including hashtags and location tags. One of the hashtags for Instagram reels or posts you listed may even appear immediately on a user’s feed if they follow that hashtag. By exposing your posts to those who already share your interests, these two sorts of tags can significantly increase Instagram interaction. Relevant and sparsely used hashtags are the best.

With more precise hashtags, you can also more precisely target your audience and increase your relevance in their feeds. Using the search bar on your Instagram is a quick and easy way to conduct hashtag research. 

Engagement on posts with location tags is 79% higher than engagement on ones without them. When someone clicks on it, they can see all the other posts that have been uploaded there. More visibility translates into more sales, and more sales translate into greater profits. Thus Instagram location tags do hold applicability. 

Instead of preaching, share stories

Instagram is flooded with subpar brand messaging that disregards the fact that the social media medium is meant to be a “visual inspiration tool.” Instead of simply delivering marketing messages to audiences, you should engage them via images, video, and text. Become a storyteller instead, providing “micro-stories” through your descriptions, videos, Instagram stories, and profile, to enhance engagement rates. People today yearn for connection, and storytelling is a means of providing that. People are considerably more inclined to engage with and spread your information among their peers when they feel an emotional connection to it.

Longer captions that incorporate storytelling and authenticity are especially effective because they help brands appear more human and forge stronger bonds with their audience. Influencers that use Instagram captions like microblogs are the ones who popularized the use of lengthy captions. Long captions are not only popular, but they also reflect a greater trend towards authenticity and provide a platform that has long been attacked for being overly superficial and more credible.

Listen up! This app is worth using and before getting engaged with it get a grasp on these small tips which can get you happy outcomes. And that’s it, I hope you’re happy and healthy! (smile! smile!)


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