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Influencers Benefit


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Create you own account to make Url”s and promote

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards, prizes, commission etc with successfull clicks or purchases.

Share products on your social media profiles

Share relevant and featured product on your social media handlers using custom Url’s

Influencers Benefit Program in just three simple steps

Share and talk about about things that you love and matter you the most and get rewarded. Influence your reach with quality products and let your followers love your work.

Influencers Benefit aims at providing an ecosystem to create a win-win situation for both brands and influencers

Influencers Benefit aims at providing an ecosystem to create a win-win situation for both brands and influencers

Years of

How does it works??

Signup with your details and social media profiles for profile screening

If your profiles is popular among your friends and family. Its time for you to be an influencer.

Your profile is selected on the basis of organic followers on your profile

Each and every profile is selected and shortlisted on basic quality parameters. If your reach is organic. your are most welcome.

Once selected choose from variety on products to share on your profile

Once selected, Go to your account and choose products from your niche and create personalized URL’s

Get paid on successful clicks on purchases

Get rewarded for every click , purchases made from your post.

We make sure our clients & influencers stay happy and grow

By the end of 2020, Influencer marketing is expected to reach an estimated revenue of 10Billion dollars. You are just beginning to be a part of a greater universe. Lets grow together, influencing millions on the way

Visualizing a Real-time growth
Visualizing Influencers Growth by 2022

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Added benefits

Professional Website

Every selected influencer gets a professional website designed for him/her for free.

Best Hosting & Premium CDN

Free hosting and premium CDN's to host the website

Best Domain Research

Domain name suggestion and benefits on domain purchases.

Ebooks & Courses at great discount

Access to e-books and courses on Software Mechanics Platform with premuim discounted rates