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Our history


We are not just a Digital Marketing or an IT company. We are Software Mechanics, a pioneer for something new.

We Create Dreams For The Future.
We Realize Them Successfully.

We can use our dreams to guide us toward our goals. By understanding what we want from the future, we can start to create a plan to make those dreams a reality.
  • 2019
    2019 The Foundation of Software Mechanics
    The Foundation of Software Mechanics
    Abhishek Kumar and Prashant Rana laid the foundation of Software Mechanics. Back in 2019, two enthusiastic young students majoring in information technology discussed starting a company to provide technological and digital services in a rented apartment.
  • 2022
    Software Mechanics’s Golden Age
    Software Mechanics had been in business for four years when it reached its golden age. They received two prestigious awards in 2020 for Dedicated Services and Community Contribution, as well as three consecutive nominations for Best IT Company of the Year (respectively in 2020 and 2021).