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Why You Need This?

You may have a great website to start with, However if you lack in SEO rankings. Your hardwork and effort on your website just goes unnoticed

A strategic SEO can help you skyrocket your business from all ends

You might wonder HOW? Let us help you, here. Well if you tick all the boxes of your SEO Checklist correctly backed up with target specific Ads keeping your targeted audience in mind. You have the ball in your court forever and ever.

Highlights At A Sight!!

Detailed and In-depth Business Analysis

In a world driven by Data, You just cant seem to miss the basic analysis of your current statistics, Keywords, Target customers, Competitors and most importantly a structured plan in place to move forward.

On Page and Off Page Optimization

Secondly, to make sure we utilize the most important resource in hand, your website. With every possible nuance of (internal) On Page and (external) Off Page SEO, we are then ready to roll. 

The Game of Content

Next Up is Content Marketing. Blogs, Articles, PDF's, and the rest. Every piece of content goes through a funnel.Create, Publish, Analyse and Repeat

Monthly reports and Extraordinary Support

Keeping you up to dated ahead of time and available for you whenever you need.

We know it got you thinking!!!

We just might be able to help. Ask Yourself the following?

Does your website has the SEO Capability

Are you doing enough towards your SEO Goals

Are you in need of a strategic plan or an expert organization to manage your requirements

Are we making sense to you.

If you have "YES" for all the above questions.

Let's save time and get you going!!!

Get access to our premium services now!

If you are committed to your business success then so are we. We know every business has the potential to scale and the only thing that stops them is "KNOWLEDGE"..

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Boost Your Website's Conversion Rate

What our customers are saying:

Best part of the testimonials goes here...

Display testimonials here and make them more skimmable by adding a teaser or the best part from the testimonial as a headline. A good testimonial can make all the difference to your conversion rates.

DANA MOORE  //  Designer

The best kinds of testimonials are...

The best kinds of testimonials are ones that tell a small story and include specific details. This is much more powerful than a generic testimonial that simply say "I love this product!" or something similarly vague.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

A brief Overview of a Six months Program

As Mentioned Earlier, We are committed to your success. Let us show you how your journey with us shapes your SEO trajectory. How you too can appear in the Top Search results. Quick Fact :- 93% of the customers do not move past the first page to search for a particular "keyword" result.

  1. 1
    BASICS FOR SEO Here we throughly review, analyse every nuance of details on your website, your current stats, links, URL's, Analytics and content, fixing things on the go.
  2. 2
    SETUP THE TARGETS. The next up is setting you up for the big game. Correcting everything to break it down to a micro-niche, setting Search Consoles, Building links, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions etc. This is where a strategic content plans is curated just for you.
  3. 3
    CONTENT, BLOGS, ARTICLES & MORE. Now its time to push content as per the plan to your website and in different channels to drive as much traffic as we can.
  4. 4
    ANALYSE & RE-ENGAGE. Checking how your content is performing is one of the key steps most of them miss out on. Remember we said. Data is what drives everything.
  5. 5
    RINSE & REPEAT. Repeating everything from Month 01 to 04 but this time its gonna be different.
  6. 6
    AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN. As the famous Quote goes" Consistency is the key". SEO is an ongoing process and being consistent with your work will definitely yield you results

The above list are just bullet points of few of the important steps. There is lot which goes in the process of driving traffic to your site. The most important benefit of having an expert work on your portfolio is it saves your time, your energy and all the hassles that you may face while building your business online. We take the pain and your money to reap you the benefits.

About Us

We are the Givers. We are a team of skilled geniuses believing in giving more than what they have. We inspire creativity and technology to bring the change to wish to see. We are SOFTWARE MECHANICS.

What Qualifies us you ask. It’s our dedication and knowledge towards the process. It’s the attitude to evolve ourselves constantly and most importantly learning from our mistakes.

Software Mechanics

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Best part of the testimonials goes here...

Display testimonials here and make them more skimmable by adding a teaser or the best part from the testimonial as a headline. A good testimonial can make all the difference to your conversion rates.

Julia Stone  //  Blogger

The best kinds of testimonials are...

You almost can't have too many testimonials. However, no one wants to read through one endless list of them. That's why it's a good idea to spread testimonials through multiple sections on the page. That way, your copy and the social proof from testimonials take turns in convincing your reader.

Peter Dawson  //  It Consultant

Who said "2020 Is the Worst". It’s the best year to be Online. ACT NOW!!

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