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Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers

 The logo is the identifiable part of a business. Don’t you agree with this statement? 
97 min Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers
You identify a business by its logo. Many businesses have an iconic logo. Some of these logos include twitter’s bluebird,  the yellow McDonald logo, the Domino’s logo, etc. A Logo is an important part of branding.

There are several benefits of the logo. Some of these as follows:

  • “The first impression is the last impression” this saying perfectly fits here. The logo is the first impression of the business.
  • It makes your business looks more professional.
  • A logo gives a better identity to the business.
  • It builds better brand value.
  • The logo plays a vital role in promotion. It is one of the best marketing tactics.
  • Logo brings consistency to your business.
  • It creates a trustworthy image of your business.

wHAT IS A Logo maker tool and WHY YOU NEED IT

Its design tools are much affordable and create a professional logo without the help of a graphic designer. There are many logo makers available right now.
Some of their features include:
  1. They are cost-effective.
  1. Logo makers have a faster turnaround.
  1. They are easier to use.
  1. It includes about 1000+ professional designs.


1. Canva

Canva course image Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers

Canva has professionally designed logo templates. It has lots of intrusive tools. It is easily customizable. You just choose a layout you like and start making the logo. It saves the cost of a designer.
How to use Canva:- 
  • Browse the layouts available.
  • Choose the colors you want
  • Select the font
  • Add additional styles
  • Save and download your logo
Benefits of Canva logo maker:- 
  • It is free of charge.
  • They give you complete control 
  • It is a quick process. Hence, it is time-efficient
  • They are customizable


2. Wix logo maker

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Wix is one of the best logo maker available in the market. In Wix what you need to do is just answer the simple questions about your business. Wix will automatically create a logo for you. 
It interprets your thoughts and creates a design out of it. You can add further details like fonts, templates, colors, special effects, etc. 

5 steps to create a logo with Wix: –

  • Check out for different logo designs available in the market.
  • Create a logo that conveys your business idea.
  • Choose the colors, fonts, size that would make your logo appealing
  • Match the logo designs with current trends
  • If satisfied download your logo.
Features of Wix logo maker: –
  • It makes the professional looking logo.
  • The logo is customizable.
  • It gives full commercial rights to the logo created.
  • You can print your logo in any size and format

3. Tailor brand

Tailor Brands Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers
It is a graphic design tool that will design a unique logo for your brand. It creates a logo within minutes. What you need to do is just type your name and industry and then choose your style and voila. Customization is also available in tailor brand. It also helps ordinary folk to build extraordinary brands online. 
How to use tailor brand logo maker:-
  • First, answer a short questionnaire about your business.
  • There will be a bar telling how much the process is left to be completed.
  • You can choose the type of logo you want.
  • One can try out different font styles.
  • Now download the logo

Features of tailor brand logo maker: – 

  • It is a straightforward platform and is very easy to use.
  • They have a full range of products including business cards and an email signature.
  • It has good value for money
  • Tailor brand has a logo resize tool
  • One of its innovative features includes brand strategy advice.

4. Graphic Spring logo maker

Screenshot 2020 08 22 at 8.55.34 PM Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers
It is one of the easiest logo maker applications available. It creates a logo in minutes. All you need to do is to enter your details and choose an image and download your files. 
How to use graphic spring logo maker:-
  • Enter your business name and slogan
  • Browse the templates and choose one of them.
  • Customize according to your needs.
  • Save and download your logo.
Benefits of graphic spring logo maker: –
  • It has a vast library of templates. After installing it you would never need a graphic designer.
  • You can customize your logo as per your choice.
  • It gives you unrestricted access to your logo.
  • They offer you support and assistance.

5. Logomakr

logomakr 1024x512 20190717 Top 5 Absolutely Worth It And Free Logo Makers
Logomakr is easy-to-use software. It makes it simple to drag your images and text. What you have to do is search the shape and icons and place your text on it. Arrange it in the way you want and your logo is ready. You can download it and for a better quality version, you just need to buy a premium plan.
How to use Logomakr:- 
  • Fill out the sample form about your firm
  • Click on ‘create a logo’
  • Choose the font, template, design, etc.
  • Save and download your logo
Benefits of Logomakr: –
  • A variety of custom designs are available.
  • It gives ownership rights to the customers
  • It contains unlimited concepts and revisions.
  • They have never used templates
  • It gives 4 to 6 designs in each presentation
  • High resolution and vector final files.


Now that the options are out in the open. Go ahead get your hands dirty, try them out, and create some amazing designs. You can also send your designs to info@softwaremechanics.net for us to review it and respond back. If we like it, we will certainly give you a thumbs up or maybe work with you in the future. Who Knows? The world is a very small place.

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