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76 min scaled TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )

TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )


Search engine optimization is a process of growing quality traffic on a website by increasing its visibility to the users of any search engine. It ranks a website on different search engines.

SEO is the most effective web marketing strategy and is widely adopted. In the drastically changing digital landscape, SEO is still on top.


Haven’t you seen many websites that move quickly through google ranking?

Don’t be distressed. Remember these websites were once at your place. There are several ways to increase search engine rankings. Your competitors might be using it for ages.

75% of people never binge on other pages of google. They get everything on a single page, which means the content on the other pages gets just 10-15% of traffic. This indicates the importance of Google rankings. To list on the first page of Google or any other search engine, you must need to adopt SEO techniques. 

Here we have compiled the best 5 SEO strategies to take you to page 1 of Google and other search engines. To understand these tactics you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in the subject matter.


1.Keyword strategy to drive more traffic

To drive traffic to your website, you need people to visit your site. You must know what they are looking for, and which keywords they use or prefer while navigating a site. In short, you need a keyword strategy. 

In simple words, the keyword strategy is to find out what terms to be used and taking every decision based upon the findings. It is a strategy to target the most popular keywords now and in future.

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Start it by investigating your website, your products, and your competitors.

According to some professionals, it may be outdated but it is not true. Let me explain its importance:

Keyword research tells you what topics people actually care about. Assume that you have the right SEO tool, imagine how popular your blogs will be. Keyword research will be helpful in sorting the topic you want to create the content on.

How to use keyword strategy?

  • Create a list of relevant topics depending upon your business.
  • Fill it up with specific keywords.
  • Research about the terms related to your search.
  • There are two types of keywords, i.e. head terms and long-tail keywords. Head terms are generally shorter and generic keywords whereas long-tail keywords are longer phrases. For a better result, use both of them to exaggerate your content.
  • Have a look at the competitor’s keyword strategy.

And you are done!!

Be sure to re-evaluate the keywords after every few months and you can also add as many keywords as you want.


Content is the most essential part of SEO. Creating content is not as simple as it seems. Millions of blogs are posted daily, so what makes your content different is the most important question that arises. This is the question that makes strategy play its game. Strategic content involves professional planning and execution.

Content Strategy scaled TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )

Content Strategy SEO process circle business concept

Creating a blog after blog leads to higher Google rankings, more links, and increased traffic.

 Steps to building a content strategy

  • The first step is to identify the topics covering your content. Research is the key to effective content. Analyze keywords and themes of the content. Compare the difficulty of potential topics. Examine the blogs having the top ranks. 
  • Consider the opportunities where internal linking is possible. Also, consider the content layering. It will increase brand recognition. 
  • Focus on links. The number of unique links in the content will lead to a high ranking.
  • Regularly update the existing content.


Does using images can be helpful for SEO?

Infographics represent data, concepts, and techniques visually.

It may sound unrealistic but its true infographics can help in driving the traffic. Infographics convey content in a digestible format.

It explains a complicated topic with ease. It simplifies complex information. They make information alive. 

What is an Infographic Blog Header TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )

In recent years it has gained a lot of popularity on social media.

  • It gives a unique twist to the content.
  • Giving too much and extensive information may lead to boredom in the content. Infographics create interest in people.

Thinking of best tips for infographics

The thought automatically comes into the mind of users. Here we have the solution.

  • Use jpeg or png images to maintain quality.
  • Use the optimal size of images while keeping in mind that its quality should not be affected.
  • Add a caption just below the images so that readers could easily get the motive behind the image.
  • Name your picture so that search engines could easily represent your pictures.

4.Social media

Top 9 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business 1520x800 1 TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )

There are lots of contradictions about social media’s impact on Google rankings and SEO. But before going through the impacts, it is necessary to know that google rankings are not a perfect science. Rankings don’t work as a “secret tool”. Google rankings don’t give detailed information. 

Social media indirectly affects google rankings and SEO.  Social doesn’t count likes, comments or followers as likes, as followers or comments can be manipulated easily. Consequently, lesser valuable sites may get higher rankings. Moreover, social media’s posts change continuously so it would be difficult to cope up with the changing posts.


5.Creation of links

link building TOP 5 SEO STRATEGIES ( You Should Definitely Consider )

It is a practice of building one-way backlinks to a website to drive the traffic and improve the visibility of the website. It includes marketing, building useful tools, and public relations.

The more number of links represents that the search engine will more evaluate your website.

Steps to link building

  • Try to know what your audience wants. Targeting the audience is the foremost step. 
  • Find out the websites already dealing with the targeted audience. Creating links with such websites may be helpful in reaching the new audience.
  • Write content that would affect the audience.
  • Compare your content with the competitor’s content.

Final words

In conclusion, SEO keeps on changing. It is essential to keep an eye on it. Make your content unique from your competitors. Always includes changes in your website in respect to compete with the changing scenario. Words matter a lot, focus on the content you are writing.

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