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Why content is the king and marketing is the queen today?

We come across with this line almost every day now and is also emphasized by most social gurus and big data CEO’s out there. the transformation of companies from just being driven by innovative products and introducing them in the market to a more content-driven media influencing entity wide-spreading their brand instead of just marketing their product is the most which are catching eyeballs in the recent years.

This paradigm shift of businesses to focus more and more on the content and posting it out on the web and marketing it out is what making them a recognizable face today, however, what made this shift is the question. How the focus from the traditional selling business model changed to a more conservative and broader approach which is not anymore just about selling stuff. What made content the king and marketing the queen as we know today and stomp our feet every day to be more content-driven.

Here is the list of things that I believe the way for this bold content beast to be the king.

Creativity Wins

There is no doubt about this that creativity always wins, Yes it does takes time to reach its potential as creativity demands change, However, if it had not been for creativity, we would still have been figuring out how to a wheel can change our lives. I recently watched an interview with two of the creative industry expert Mr. Ankur Warikoo, Founder of Nearbuy.com and Tanmay Bhatt, Co-Founder All India Bakchod who specifically emphasized what providing creative freedom to the media team can do. Since the invention of advertising and media, its always been the content which is more creative gets a better share of the market. Be it an add showing fish sticking to a stick with just a few drops of five stick or a meme showing Darth Vader instructing their commanders to stop being a jerk. Its the creative content that connects to your emotions and then yourself to a brand. It is very important for every company today to have an inhouse media team working specifically to create and distribute content that is driven by creativity and out of the box thinking and it only requires freedom to express their thoughts.

No one cares

The fact that we think everyone cares what we do is more a less a false assumption these days as that what restricts you to think out of the box. On the contrary, no one really cares what you are up to and what you do until something grabs their attention and distracts them to think about you. Even if you successfully manage to grab an eyeball, you would hardly be remembered again. We are constantly fed with information every second of a minute and the timespan to stay on a particular piece of information has reduced fairly. a supposed talk of the town today might be tailender tomorrow. You have to constantly come up with things every now and then, things or content that matter or do not even matter without falling in the trap of being judged.


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Social media disaster

With social media at your disposal, content is flushed in our lives at a rapid rate. We truly emphasize on a piece of information that only matters to us piling rest on to the social trash bin. The story remains the same showing the same name again and again and again with different altercations is what makes you stand out. In a context, an ad can do wonders for you and get an undesirable result and on the other hand, another campaign might just burn your cash out. In the end, it all boils down to the message that connects. It is fairly possible that a certain segment of a society connects with something and others relate to something else. The key is to put out content understanding your target audiences’ demographics.

Timeframe shift

As per the recent study, we stick on to a piece of information only for a mere eight seconds. The timeframe to attract your audience has taken huge downward dive with an increasing number of social media platforms and mobile apps on our phone. Convincing someone in just a mere 8 seconds is what the game is all about now and the only strategic way to approach at it is trying your hands at different content based marketing methods. One important factor which these above-mentioned gentlemen covered was not to rely on any particular big-budget ad campaign but also to run a good number of small budgeted campaigns too. There is no doubt that the big-budget campaign would certainly help you to penetrate through the chaos, however, the small budgeted would help you stick and stay.

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When thoroughly given a thought about what matters the most is not the content that you put in but the quality and regularity of the marketing strategy. It’s not anymore about what you market which still remains at its core however its how often you market and with what content and ideas at your disposal. For a business looking to branch out and expand, it is very important for them to understand the above statement and act on it to stay in the big game. Content is king and marketing as queen is I believe what truly is carrying the business marketing torch ahead and will carry on to do so in the times moving forward.

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